The inaugural ‘OAHC Special Recognition Award’ was awarded to Brian Winn at the Club AGM.

Winno has been incredibly dedicated, loyal, committed and passionate to OAHC for over 4 decades. The epitome of all the values any OAHC member aspires to have, despite the fact he has never played for the Club. Players may join, retire or leave but Winno has been ever present in the background for OAHC. While he modestly appears in team photos every couple of seasons, Winno is constantly striving this club to be better. As modest a man you’ll ever meet. He has been there through the highs, the lows, the rebuilding and everything in between.

OAHC are extremely lucky to have such a champion of our Club. Meticulously follows every league table, keeps up to date with all Leinster match times, encourages players, respects umpires, persuasive in recruitment and always tracks down every OAHC club shirt globally!

A small token of the OAHC community gratitude and appreciation for Winno’s outstanding work behind the scenes. We look forward to his continued enthusiasm over the next four decades!

Thank you Winno for everything you do and continue to do for OAHC.